Milano - Roma


Milan Rome is a photomaterism project entirely realized on the train in the Rome-Milan section . The project lasted 4 years and  went through seasons,  lights, different times: the photos were always and only taken from the same window, from the same place, on the same route. The journey is made up of 60 images which, through the Rome – Milan section, tell the story of the commuter's journey, through the colours, the seasons, nature, the stations. The images want to tell the constant path and its equally constant mutation. The journey is the journey of each of us, of every route, of every continuous wandering. Milan Rome is also  a hymn to the beauty that surrounds us and that we often forget to experience.


Each photo was printed with direct technique on the glass of the train window. The glass was then inserted inside the iron support which makes up the structure of the train window itself.